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   10 Ring is your full-service firearms (FFL) dealer (Type 1 and Class 3). We will get the best price we can for your firearm needs, and we will provide the training necessary to use that firearm properly and safely. For firearm purchases, Colorado residents must pay the appropriate sales taxes. If we are shipping to you outside the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area, we must have a copy of your local receiving FFL dealer's license on file prior to shipment. You may provide the receiving FFL dealer's information through our firearms e-mail address. Simply provide the dealer name, address, phone number and FAX if available.

   Please visit our on-line store to view our inventory. Please select 'Power Search' in the left column. For specific manufacturer's not listed, such as SigSauer, please call or send an e-mail with your request. We will reply as quickly as possible.

   10 Ring can also help you with your firearm transfers to or from out-of-state, such as purchases from firearm auctions (i.e., GunBroker.com) or moving and you'd like your firearms shipped securely. For more information, please see our transfer page.

    If you are interested in taking an NRA Basic Pistol training course, please complete this form and return it to 10 Ring. This course is the minimum instruction required in Colorado to obtain a concealed carry permit. Many students have an interest in obtaining another state permit, such as Utah, as these permits are recognized by more states than the Colorado permit. We can assist you with the needed training for these permits as well. Please visit our Classroom Training Checklist page for additional information. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us at training@10-Ring.net.

Training Credentials

Chief Instructor: Dr Stu Asay PE

NRA Training Counselor and Certified Instructor: Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Home Firearm Safety, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun, Reloading - Metallic and Shotshell, and NRA Chief Range Safety Officer


NRA Hunter Clinic Instructor: Western Big Game, Wild Turkey, and Whitetail Deer

Arizona Dept. of Public Safety - Concealed Weapons Instructor #7482204

California Department of Justice - Handgun Instructor #105656

Utah Concealed Firearms Instructor #I101025

Minnesota Department of Public Safety

State of Minnesota certified instructor trainer


New Mexico firearms training instructor 162

State of Kansas certified concealed carry handgun instructor 920092044

State of Louisiana, Louisiana State Police Instructor 404


Metropolitan Police - Washington, DC Firearms Instructor 1496

CMP - Master Instructor: Garand-Springfield-Military Rifle

  Law Enforcement Armorer - Sig Classic Pistols.

  Certified Armorer



    RMGO - Colorado's Largest No-Compromise Gun Rights Organization     

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stu.asay@10-ring.net  (instructor)