10 Ring LLC
Westminster, Colorado

Firearm Transfer Information

Transferring a firearm
to 10 Ring:

  1. Let us know. Please call us at +1.720.350.2729, FAX to +1.303.410.0001 or send an e-mail: firearms@10-ring.net with your name and contact information.
  2. Provide us the selling firearm dealer's name and contact information, such as address, phone,  fax, or e-mail address that the firearm is being shipped FROM. If a private person is shipping the firearm, they must include a legible copy of their current driverí»s license or state-issued photograph ID.
  3. 10 Ring will then send a copy of our Federal Firearms License (FFL) to the selling dealer or private party via USPS Priority Mail, e-mail or FAX. We prefer that the dealer have a copy of our FFL with an original signature. However, some dealers accept digital copies. 10 Ring will not provide copies of the FFL to customers for submittal with payment to the seller.
  4. The shipping dealer/private party will send the firearm directly to10 Ring . The firearm is logged into our system and the recipient is contacted for pickup. Prior to shipment the seller will be advised to provide 10 Ring with the recipientí»s contact information, such as address, phone, or e-mail. Firearms not claimed after 30 days of receipt will be sold unless 10 Ring is advised and prior arrangements are made for the delay.
  5. 10 Ring will then conduct a background check on the recipient (you) before the firearm is transferred. It will be necessary for you to complete an ATF form 4473. You will need either a Colorado Driver's License or a Colorado ID. If the recipient is unable to read, two witnesses will be required to complete the ATF form 4473.
  6. Pay the transfer fee (noted below.)

Remember -- to receive a firearm, you can't be a convicted felon, fugitive from justice, guilty of a domestic violence misdemeanor, user of illegal drugs, illegally in the US, under indictment for a felony, mentally defective, etc. You will NOT receive your firearm and it will be returned to the shipping FFL. You can't have someone else receive it for you. (Having someone else obtain a firearm for you is known as a straw purchase, and such a transfer may result in a federal criminal offense - 10 years and $25,000.)

If your purchase or transfer firearm is sent to us from a private party (not an FFL) and you are not legally allowed to own or posses a firearm, you have a very complicated problem. No, we do not conduct background checks prior to a firearm shipment to determine if you are eligible to posses it. Background checks through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation are completed after the ATF form 4473 is completed by the recipient (you).
If you are purchasing an NFA (Class 3) firearm, such as a full-auto (select fire) firearm, silencer, short barrel shotgun or rifle, please call 10 Ring for more specific instruction (phone: 720.350.2729).

The fee for a Type 1 (non-Class 3) firearm transfer is $20 per item for non-NRA members and $15 per item for NRA members. We accept cash, check, money order or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) payments. This process from the time of the initial transfer request to your receipt of the Type 1 firearm may take from 1 to 2 weeks.

We strongly recommend that handguns be sent via an overnight carrier and that all firearms be sent insured and/or requesting a signature confirmation on delivery. We appreciate that many are anxious to receive their purchase, and track their shipments like regular heartbeats. Please rest assured that 10 Ring will advise the recipient when the firearm is received and ready for pickup.

If this information didn't answer your questions -- call us! Phone 720.350.2729.



NRA membership


If you are not an NRA member and would like to learn more about the benefits of this shooting sport organization, we can save you money on your membership application. Please send us an e-mail with your request to: NRA.offer@10-ring.net.

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