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Classroom Training Checklist

Class needs:   

For the classroom:

Although the class setting is informal and interactive, there are safety rules that we have established.
     1) NO firearms in the classroom.
     2) NO live ammunition in the classroom.
You are welcome to bring your own firearm and ammo to the range. But, it must remain secured during the class.

The classes are offered in English only. 10 Ring provides the instruction book and exam. It is recommended that you bring a writing pad and pen/pencil.

For the day class, lunch is not covered in the cost of the class. There are several restaurants in close proximity to the class location.

For the range:

As part of the Basic Pistol course, we will be spending time on the range. All participants must have 2 safety items: ear protection and safety glasses. Regular prescription glasses may be acceptable if the space between your forehead and glasses frame will not permit a No. 2 pencil to pass though. If the distance is too great, you may need a different type of goggle that will fit over your normal glasses to provide the protection.

Shirts and blouses should fit close to your neck, like a crew-neck T-shirt. We want to prevent hot brass from finding its way inside your shirt.

Sandals or other footwear that leaves skin exposed is not recommended. (Remember hot brass from above.)

Baseball caps are also important. We wear our caps with the brim forward - like baseball players. Except we use the brim of the cap to help keep flying brass off our head, out of our hair, and out of our face. Caps are important even in low-light training applications and shooting at dusk.

Some folks like to wear long-sleeves. Even in summer. This keeps the burnt powder off your arms.


  • Always wear appropriate clothing when shooting. This includes long pants, closed shoes and high necked shirts.
  • Always have your eye and ear protection on when on the range.
  • Never bother another shooter while they are on the line.
  • Never cross the firing line without the rangemaster's knowledge and approval.
  • Do not clear your own jams unless you are sure you can do so safely.  If at all unsure, call the Rangemaster. DO NOT EXPERIMENT!
  • Be sure of your footing at all times.
  • If shooting at steel targets, do not use semi-jacketed ammo.  Fragments have been known to travel a long way.
  • Do not put your finger on the trigger or disengage the safety until you are on the line and ready to shoot.
  • Be courteous of your neighbor at the range.
  • Do not smoke on the firing line.
  • Do not drink any alcoholic beverages before a trip to the range.  Alcohol plus guns equals accidents.


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